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Here in this website we deliver the indispensable tech information for the professional and aspiring musicians around the world. There are lots of websites on music tech or pro audio. But they are sometimes too technical and not comprehensive. Also there are many websites that list music gear reviews. But today there are so many products out there that it's difficult especially for home studio musicians/singers to choose what really works professionally and are good enough for themselves. Here in Tech Radar, we try to be definitive about right music gears and tech information with focus on home studio level musicians/singers. Also we tried to make this website comprehensive including A DAW computer building information, too. What we try to do here is help you get on the right track as a professional musician.

Originally this website is provided for musicians and singers of our production. However, we thought it's cool to share the knowledge with any musicians and singers in the world. So all of you are welcome.

So You Want To Know Only What The Pro Musicians Want To Know.

We know you don't want to waste too much time on searching around for the information your need. We know you want to spend more time on doing your music and music business. Today, with a fast PC being within reach of anybody, there are many musicians who are trying building up DAW-based home studios. However I feel, while so much information flooding in the net, there is not a comprehensive site where all the necessary information is assembled except forums. I felt some sort of the resort, one-stop website as the information pool for musicians/singers building home studios is necessary. We limited the information for music professionals only. So we handle here only the tech information pros need and the gear information that satisfy pros' need. By making this site exclusively for professionals, we clarified the target of this website.

This website is the site musicians made for musicians. Some of you may find some part of this website a bit too techy, although we try to keep tech talk to the minimum. However, the tech knowledge we include in this website is what we think necessary for professionals on any level. Especially the tendency of today's music industry is "going for more home studio work and less big studio work". So musicians are expected to be self-contained today. Record companies would like that way. Or you could be actually independent without big record companies. What path you would tread on, you will need the foundation we offer here. We hope you will find the website helpful. After all we only made the website of the sort that we wished we'd had when we started making music. I guess today's musicians are extremely lucky about being able to get tech info easily and about being able to buy pro gears so reasonably, but to the same degree very unfortunate that they are surrounded by today's such bad music, say, compared to the music of Bach, Chopin, to the 70's music or even to any decade. This result of succumbed materialism is against the spirit of music, therefore it's simply sad truth. The history of music is going into such difficult times as much as that of this planet earth. With all that we must go on. About the future of the music, it's all on you and us. After all, making music is all about passion, tolerance, training, study, and, above all, genius.

Good luck, everybody.

Musically yours,

Chief Editor, TECH RADAR

Jim M. Kojima

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